Does this work on any type of ceiling... popcorn, acoustic, vaulted, beamed?
  Yes.   (Vaulted ceilings may require an additional fee, or if too high not be feasible to paint).
What kind of clean up is involved?
Can my room be completed in the daytime as well as night?
YesIt is helpful to be able to darken the room, however.
Is it painted on somehow?
Yes.  Custom painted, signed and dated.
Can you tell me how?
Sorry - trade secret
Can it be painted over?
Yes.  (But never will be.)
Is it messy?
No.  We don't get gallons of paint and a roller and paint the ceiling black.  When it's dark, your ceiling appears black naturally.
Is the painting permanent, or will it dim away with time?
It is permanent - the oldest Starscapes ceiling is 15 years old with NO diminished effect.
What happens with the ceiling lamp or fan? 
We don't remove them.  When the room is dark, the lamp will not be noticed or in the way of the stars.  Same with ceiling fans.  They are not an obstacle.  When the fan is on... It feels like an outdoor breeze.
How does it look after the job is finished?
It looks like your ceiling has been removed and you are up in the mountains, away from the city lights, under the most beautiful and glorious starry sky imaginable.
When does it start glowing and creating the wonderful effects?
The glowing begins as soon as the lights are turned off, and it looks even better after a couple of minutes when your own eyes have adjusted to the dark.
How dark should the room be?  Does the effect disappear if I open the door to another room that has the lights on?  What if I have a small night-light?
The darker the room... the better the illusion isA small bit of light infiltration will be fine though.  If light comes through the window, simply add a pull-down window shade to it.  Just like getting away from the city lights... you'll see more stars.
How do I know that it really works?
Set an appointment for a demonstration and see for yourself!
How long does the paint glow?
It depends on the type of paint used.  Our Super-3 Creation Paint glows for up to an hour and is brightest in the first 15 minutes.  It slowly fades as the stargazer falls asleep.  Great for younger children's rooms.  Our Super-10 & Super 20 Creation Paint glows all night and is brightest in the first couple of hours.  We create our own paint and it is formulated specifically for the Starscapes and will last for many, many years.