We absolutely love our star ceiling!   We had our living room done first, and everyone who sees it is so impressed, they want to know who to call so they can have their ceiling painted, too.  

Since then we have had our guest bedroom ceiling done, and even got a little crazy and had the ceiling and walls of one of our bathrooms done.  Even though people don't generally use the room in the dark, it's really fun to go in and shut off the lights because it looks like you are standing on a platform out in the middle of space.  Everyone loves it!  Our kids keep begging to have stars ceilings done in their bedrooms, too.  We all enjoy that feeling of being out under the stars, while in the comfort of our own bedroom.

~~ Kristin C.

We surprised our 19 year old daughter with a starscapes ceiling for her birthday last year.  But now that she's married, WE spend lots of time in the room gazing into the stars.   After a stressful day, it is very relaxing to spend some time lying under a beautiful, starry sky.    

~~ Ted P.



When we first saw the finished starscapes, it really took my breath away!  It is just so beautiful, and so realistic!   My daughter loves it, and all her friends ask to sleep over under the stars.  They love finding the constellations and shooting stars, and making up stories about traveling in space.  We're so glad we called!

~~ Margie A.